Cross Stitch

frog mario cross stitch

Cross Stitching is the process of sewing X-shaped stitches in a grid pattern to create a pattern or design. I started out cross stitching small patterns from my Mom’s pattern books and then quickly realized I could easily create patterns from my favorite 8-bit games from the 80s. I create most of my cross stitch patterns using PC Stitch. I also enjoy plastic canvas stitching for dimensional projects which I learned at a very young age and sprinkle through my crafting. I’ve also dabbled in embroidery but still prefer cross stitching. Most of my cross stitch projects are turned into greeting cards or baby shower presents for my friends.

Christmas Card


Tanooki Mario

Flower Pot

Portal Cake

Frog Mario

Companion Cube


Home Sweet Home

Mario Turtles In Love

Pink Flowers