To make a bottle:

  • Mix 4oz water from the pitcher on the counter with 2 scoops of formula.
  • Scoop is in the formula box attached to the lid
  • Add gas drops (3ml line) into bottle
  • Close bottle and shake contents to blend

Take a washcloth from the stack by the bottles for under her chin. She drools.

Next to the washcloths are the burp cloths.

If she's still hungry after 4oz

Make her another ounce by mixing in the same bottle:

  • 1 oz of water
  • 1/2 scoop formula (scoop has a score at the 1/2 mark)

How will I know if she is hungry?

  • It will be about 3 hours since she last ate
  • She will keep putting her hands in her mouth
  • She will cry a bunch

Change her diaper after every meal or if she poops a bunch.

How will I know if she pooped?

  • You will smell it.
  • No, trust me. You will.

What if she pees everywhere?

  • Change her outfit and put anything that is peed on in the dirty clothes basket in her closet.
  • See location tab if you have trouble finding anything

She has a topical medication right now that she gets twice a day. The medication is an eye drop but is rubbed on her hemangioma.

  • Once in the morning after her first bottle
  • Once in the evening around dinner

A&D: Top drawer of the changing table in box on left.

Books: In her room in the black square thing.

Bottles: Next to kitchen sink on drying rack.

Burp clothes: Next to the bottles.

Changing Pad (clean): Top drawer of the changing table in front middle

Clothes (clean): Second drawer of the changing table.

Diapers: Top drawer of the changing table. Overnight on right, regular on left.

Toys: Just about everywhere

Wipes: On top of the changing table in the white box.

Wipes (Extra): Top drawer of the changing table in back right.

Her favorite entertainment right now:

  • Playing on her mat
  • Playing with her lovey (knit washcloth)
  • Reading books
  • Sitting in a lap, facing the person and smiling.