Gluten Free Suggestions

Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants

Agave – You can eat the chips on the table, nachos are great!

Amical La Cuisine – GF Menu

Apache Trout Grill

Boone’s Long Lake Inn

Bubba’s – GF Buns.  Don’t eat anything fried. They aren’t great with cross-contamination so I would suggest taking a glutenease.

Burger King – GF Menu


The Kitchen – GF salads and soups

Fuji – GF options

Cafe at Edson Farms – GF Sandwiches

Lake Street Cafe at Oryana

Olive Garden – GF Menu

Outback Steakhouse – GF Menu

Pangea’s Pizza Pub – Gluten Free Pizza


Red Ginger

Red Mesa Grill


Thai Cafe

Thai Kitchen – GF menu

Wendy’s – GF Menu

7 Monks Beer – GF Menu

My Favorite Gluten Free Products

Chebe Pizza Mix – Available at Meijer, Oryana, Edson Farms

Glutino Original Crackers – Saltine Replacements available at Meijer, Walmart, Edson Farms

Udis White Sandwich Bread – Available at Oryana, Edson Farms

Udis Double Chocolate Muffins – All of their muffins are fantastic.  Available at Oryana, Edson Farms

Dynasty Mai Fun Rice Stick – Use instead of expensive GF spaghetti.  Available in Asian food section at Meijer, Glen’s

DeBoles Corn Elbow Macaroni – Available at Oryana, Edson Farms, Glen’s

Pamelas Ultimate Baking Mix – Best for home made muffins and pancakes.  Available at Oryana.

Bobs Red Mill Oatmeal – Available at Meijer, Oryana, Edson Farms

Gluten Free Necessities

Glutenease or Gluten Digest – Both work great so I usually get the Gluten Digest because of the price difference but if you are traveling and need to buy some you can find Glutenease at health food stores. Taking one capsule before you start eating something with cross-contamination level gluten will protect you from the unwanted side effects.