Pop Up Gift Card Holder

pop up christmas card


I always have a hard time giving gift cards because it seems like such a easy out. Gift cards are presents for people that you don’t know very much about or when you forget about someone’s birthday until the day-of and you scramble on your lunch hour to figure out what to give them.

Every once in a while I end up giving gift cards for presents though. It’s unavoidable. When I do give gift cards, I like to make a special gift card holder to go with it so it feels a little more special. I created this card for the “Dinner and a Movie” gift card I gave my Dad for Christmas a few years ago. I knew I wanted to pull the movie theater idea from the gift into the card so I researched how to make a pop up card to add dimension.

Once I had the structure of the card, it was time to design. I printed a red movie theater curtain image and glued it to one side of the card and hand cut some seats and glued them to the pop up and a second row to make it feel more like a theater. Then I had to decide which movie would be playing. For a Christmas present – there was only one answer. A Charlie Brown Christmas! I printed a still from the movie and wrapped it around the gift card. After fitting the card into the gift card slot I tested it a few times and then sealed it up.

A pretty quick and easy craft to add a little more to the next gift card you give. 🙂


Pop Up Gift Card Holder

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